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Peter LaGow


Business Operations



Located in Bellingham, Washington, Peter LaGow is a creative problem-solver by nature. Having grown up around technology, Peter developed a deep fascination with computers and software. As a result, he could often be found teaching himself the basics of coding and further fostering his inherently curious mind. 

Ultimately, this captivation drove Peter to pursue a career in technology. He took the first steps toward achieving that feat by attending Western Washington University, where he received his BS in Computer Science. 

Throughout his undergraduate career, Peter LaGow seized every opportunity to enhance his skill set in software development, whether by accepting consulting jobs around the community or serving as a technology liaison of sorts for local businesses. To this day, Peter continues to use technology as a means of providing solutions to individual clients and organizations alike. 

Upon graduating from Western, Peter accepted an offer from HighJump Software, where he launched his professional career as an Implementation Consultant. In this role, Peter aided with the company’s technological development, designing and implementing new AES-256 modules to wrap login procedures for security-focused clients, streamlined warehouse operations by writing voice-recognition software, and created a neural network to predict order priority with ever-increasing accuracy. 

After working diligently in this capacity for a few years, Peter LaGow was invited to accept an entirely new challenge: stepping into a different side of the business and serving as a Senior Business Consultant. 

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Although his focus had always centered around technology, Peter developed a number of operations-related skills that would give him a leg up in this transition, including team management, project organization, and client communication and relationship management. As such, he accepted the role and is looking forward to finding new and innovative ways to implement his passions for problem-solving, technology, and helping others achieve their goals. 

Alongside his work, Peter LaGow is interested in the ways technology and business operations interact and impact one another, especially as it relates to supply chain management. With key players like Amazon continually developing innovative procedures, it is intriguing to see how other companies must modify their practices in order to just keep up — let alone compete. 

On this website, Peter LaGow will delve deeper into the topics of logistics, supply chain management, shipping, e-commerce, and the ways in which technology impacts each. To learn more, be sure to visit his blog page. 

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