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Few things are more closely connected to the American Dream than the idea of setting up a business of your own that can stand the test of time. In the American psyche, a good business meets many of the values we cherish most dearly – hard-work, ingenuity, determination, family values, and so on.

Even so, for many aspiring business owners in America and around the world, setting up a new company can seem like an uncertain enterprise. This guide can help you set up your new company the right way.

Start Local

For starters, unless you are starting an online business or launching an app, you’ll want to start local. Even online and apps sometimes start local by launching in a few locations at first, before opening their main site or launching their app worldwide once they have the kinks worked out from local trials. 

For other small businesses, starting out locally is a matter of comfort. Presumably, you know the other businesses and people in your local market, and they know you. This can help you get your feet wet with some initial business. After all, local small businesses hold a powerful place in the American imagination, and locals will often frequent and support small businesses in their area with a loyalty you won’t be able to generate from big-name size companies.

Start Small and Easy

Don’t bite off more than you can chew at first. While we’ve all heard “go big or go home,” if you overpromise or overextend yourself, you’re more likely to fail. Also try not to overcomplicate your business model. Keep everything simple and make sure your first few months are focused on setting things up, making sure you’re sustainable and spreading the word.

Start with Partnerships

Everyone can use a helping hand now and then. Starting your business career with partnerships can set you up for future success. This is where starting locally is also a plus. You’ll have an easier time getting partnerships with other businesses if you’re both local and have that basic mutual interest as a starting point for talks.

These tips are essential for starting a company the right way and helping you become the next business success story.